About Us

X13 Squad, LLC is a premier esports organization based in the United States with branches in North America and the European Union. Founded in 2013 by Jessie “Laser” Moreno, X13 is currently celebrating 6 years of esports excellence, with current competitive influence in Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite and a seasoned streaming lineup that never fails to entertain. In the past, X13 has also held a prestigious status in other esports titles, such as Gears of War, Call of Duty, and Rocket League, competing in LAN tournaments throughout the team’s history in North America. In November of 2018, X13 announced their expansion into the esports scene, a movement headed by CEO Jessie Moreno. As X13 continues to be a catalyst for the growth of many streamers and content creators, serious esports specific requests from teams residing in North America or the European Union can be made to contact@x13.gg, and will be handled accordingly.


  • Jessie Moreno

    Founder & Chief executive officer

    Jessie "Laser" Moreno is the Founder & CEO of the organization X13 Squad, LLC. Founded in 2013, Jessie got the named 'X13' after watching the movie 'End of Watch' in 2012.

  • Michael BERNARDES

    Chief Operations Officer

    Michael "Wax" Bernardes is the COO of the organization X13 Squad, LLC. Being apart of the organization since 2016, he has assisted Jessie in bringing the organization to where it is today.

  • Jeffrey Van Eck

    Chief Administrative Officer

    Jeffrey "Raaziel" Van Eck is the CAO of the organization X13 Squad, LLC. Jeffrey is tasked with controlling all the operations within the organization.

  • Samuel Rice

    General Manager

    Samuel "Sam" Rice is the General Manager of the organization X13 Squad, LLC. Samuel controls what happens within the organization, hiring and firing. He also is tasked with talent acquisition and has acquired our current Rainbow Six Siege roster.

  • Nate Elliot

    Financial Manager

    Nate "Baguette" Elliot is the Financial Manager of the organization X13 Squad, LLC. Nate is tasked with handling all revenue spent and earned within the organization.